As a vibrant part of the USC minimally invasive service, our endourology experts provide comprehensive and advanced surgical options for an entire range of kidney and ureteral diseases. Our expertise centers on medical and surgical management of simple and complex cases. Patients benefit from a complete spectrum of urologic endoscopic technology and techniques, as well as access to the latest equipment.

A true strength of Keck Medicine of USC urologists is percutaneous renal surgery — going through the skin using a small incision to access the kidney. This type of surgery is especially beneficial to patients with complex congenital abnormalities. In addition, patients with challenging conditions, such as morbid obesity or elderly patients, are more likely to have better outcomes with less invasive techniques.

Our comprehensive stone therapy program is the largest in Southern California. Our physicians are recognized experts in creating innovative, personalized medical treatments for various types of stone disease by enabling many patients with stones to be treated without major open surgery. For example, Keck Medicine urologists utilize the latest minimally invasive shock-wave technology in an outpatient environment.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be caused by dehydration to medical conditions to diet or certain medications. At Keck Medicine of USC, we believe in treating not only the problem at hand, but determining the underlying cause and trying to prevent recurrence. Our goal is to remove the stone burden so the patient is stone-free, but we go beyond this goal. Prevention through a comprehensive evaluation, medical therapy, surgery and dietary management are our priorities to achieve overall renal health for our patients.