Michael Rymer

Hello Dr. Daneshmand,

I have been wanting to thank you again for my life. My name is Michael Rymer, a now sixty two year old man you performed surgery on in early September 2010. I had renal cell carcinoma that had completely destroyed my right kidney and was on it’s way to the left kidney. The cancer had almost completely blocked my inferior vena cava. Because of your extraordinary dedication, talent and motivation to save my life you were after a fourteen hour surgery able to remove my right kidney and most importantly, amazingly also remove my inferior vena cava that had become compromised by the cancer. Because of your exceptional talent, energy and tenacity to detail you were able to remove successfully my vena cava when many would have closed me up without removing the compromised vena cava that would have ended my life before I had the time to heal myself.

Because of the time you gave me I was able to heal myself of the remaining small tumors with out drugs through a Macro biotic diet. . It took me six months on the diet to become cancer free. I lost allot of weight and my color went kinda green until my body responded to the healing power of the food and cured me of the rest of the cancer.

My wife Laura and I bought a house in San Diego and I am driving big semi trucks and am planning on opening a Board and Care for seniors. It looks like my son and his lady will soon finally make me a grandpa.

Dr. Daneshmand until my surgery, I had never had or was the kinda guy to have a hero. I want you to know that you became that for me on that day.

Thank you for the life you have given me……..Michael Rymer


Larry Urish – August 20, 2013

After meeting Dr. Sia Daneshmand and his team at the USC Institute of Urology, I quickly knew I was in very good hands. Everything was explained to me in a simple, friendly manner, and I felt good about our mutual decision to have my bladder removed – something that was essential.

The radical cystectomy, recovery and overall outcome were nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to Dr. Daneshmand’s world-class surgical skills and his use of ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), every minute, from the first moment in my hospital room until my return to work just four weeks later, was completely pain-free. I stayed in Keck [Hospital of USC], a top-notch facility, for only three nights, an unusually brief time compared with patients who have undergone the same procedure.

The follow-up education and treatment have been super. If I have any future medical issues, I’ll take my body to USC, and I heartily encourage everyone else to do so. Fight on!


Leonard Zasoski, Jr. – July 5, 2013

My care at USC from Dr. Lieskovsky to the staff at what is now called Keck Hospital of USC was and has continued to be top notch. I believe so strongly that USC has by far the best doctors and facilities that I recommended two friends to seek a second opinion regarding their diagnosis of prostate cancer this last year. Both of them had surgery at USC, all three of us had different doctors which goes to show the depth of the USC team. Both of my friends are doing great with a much better outcome than they were told they would have had. I am so glad they went for a second opinion and chose USC. I also feel the Prostate Cancer Forum is great help to those recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and for those who have had surgery and are coping with the recovery process. I have seen both sides of the care at USC from myself to my friends and I will continue to highly recommend the doctors and facilities to others diagnosed with cancer.


John Slykhuis – June 20, 2013

Before my visit to USC Norris [Comprehensive Cancer Center] I was confused and angry after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. My urologist suggested that I visit USC Norris for a Consultation. I met with Daniel Park and other staff members at USC. After visiting with Daniel and having all my questions answered, my mind was put a ease. My wife and I decided to have Dr. Aron Monish perform the surgery. This has been the biggest decision I have had to make in my 50 years on Earth. As it turns out this has been one of the best decisions I have made. The team at USC Norris and Keck Hospital couldn’t have been more professional and caring. I will and have recommended USC to everyone I come in contact with.

A huge thank you to USC,
John Slykhuis


Anonymous – February 25, 2013

I am writing you this letter four weeks after my radical prostatectomy surgery to tell you how grateful I am that you were the person who was in charge of the seminar my wife and I attended in December 2012. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2012. It was diagnosed as stage 2 cancer at age 59, and it was detected that I had three spots of cancer which came back in the biopsies. From November 2011 to November 2012, my Gleason score went from 3/3 to 4/3 and my wife and I needed to make a decision.

The competency [of] Dr. Gill and your team, the nurses and support staff was awe inspiring, and I couldn’t have been more blessed that you were the doctor that was handling my follow-up with all the info as to how to “get back up on the horse” so to speak. Your seminar laid most of my fears aside, as I was told me that there was an excellent chance for my survival and recovery, and you treated me with respect.

The fact that I’m here is a not only a miracle from God, but a testament to your team’s gift of training and expertise in the field of urology. I know that you probably work with a number of patients in a given year, but I want to let you know that this life is forever grateful.

The work you do is so important. And you excel at your work in every way possible. I have been so inspired by your team, that I’m honoured to be speaking at the Life After Prostrate Cancer Seminar at USC to give back to the hospital and help other men and families to hopefully help them feel comfortable with the decisions they need to make for their future.

I’m feeling awesome and I’m getting stronger each and every day. The little incontinency I am experiencing I can tell, will dissipate over time as I learn to control it. Also as you know, my margins came out clear as the cancer was totally encapsulated and had not spread.

So, I can’t thank you enough. My family and I will never forget what you’ve done for us, in giving me a second chance on living a full, meaning and fulfilling life. To spend more time with my wife of 36 years, see our youngest daughter get married, and someday be playing with grandchildren and travelling. See you Feb. 28th for my follow up appointment.

With unending gratitude,
Anonymous patient of Dr. Inderbir Gill


Anonymous – February 8, 2013

Dear Dr. Daneshmand:

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your expertise, your professionalism and the care you have provided for me. I really appreciate that you took the time to explain everything to me yesterday.

Knowing that I have bladder cancer is a bit of a traumatic experience, however, when I know that the best bladder cancer doctor in the world will perform surgery for me, it has made me much more comfortable during this difficult time.

Thank you!
Anonymous Patient of Dr. Sia Daneshmand


Edmundo Cid

Edmundo Cid was diagnosed with kidney cancer two years ago. What made it more complicated was that, unlike other people, he had only one functioning kidney. He had his cancer removed by open surgery two years ago but recently had a recurrence of cancer in the same kidney. And, this time there were two new tumors in his kidney.

Given the fact that he had prior open surgery for cancer in this same kidney and that he now had, not one, but two, recurrent tumors in the same kidney, Edmundo was told by his local doctor that his kidney would have to be removed. Edmundo would then be placed on dialysis immediately following the procedure. Seeking a second opinion, Edmundo was referred to Dr. Monish Aron at Keck Medicine of USC.

“Dr. Aron informed me that he would be able to remove the tumors and save my kidney,” said Mr. Cid. “I was confident in his ability and knew right away that I wanted him to perform my surgery.”

Dr. Aron performed a partial nephrectomy and successfully removed the two tumors, saving the kidney and saving Mr. Cid from lifelong dialysis.

“I am so lucky that I found Dr. Aron,” said Mr. Cid. “He and the entire team at [Keck Hospital of] USC treated me extremely well. I am an ordinary person, but I felt like a VIP.”

Today, Edmundo Cid lives cancer free and because of Dr. Aron’s surgical ability and the care provided at USC, has an outstanding quality of life.


Bernard Vecerek

Four months following his robot-assisted prostatectomy at Keck Hospital of USC, Bernard Vecerek is almost back to his normal daily routine.

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Vecerek was referred to Dr. Monish Aron, professor of urology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and a member of the USC Institute of Urology.

“I instantly felt comfortable with Dr. Aron and he took the time to thoroughly explain the surgery and answer my questions; I never felt rushed,” said Vecerek. “I then attended USC’s monthly Life After Prostate Cancer Surgery seminar and was so impressed with the institution that I decided this was the right place for my care.”

As in many cases, Vecerek had several concerns about having surgery. Continence and potency are always issues that need to be addressed prior to surgery. However, Vecerek is also very active and wanted to be sure surgery was the right option for his lifestyle.

“Being an active man in good physical shape, Bernard was very concerned about his quality of life following the surgery,” said Aron. “I assured him that we would do everything possible to get him back to his normal routine.”

Vecerek had tremendous outcomes and was very happy with his care at USC. He described Keck Hospital of USC as “comfortable with great rooms” and said the staff provided “outstanding service.”

Vecerek was off of the pain medication right away and his continence returned after one day. In addition, his sexual function returned within the first month following surgery and, most importantly, Vecerek is now cancer free.

“I feel great,” said Vecerek. “Two months after the surgery, I was already biking 20 miles per day and playing tennis regularly.”


John Cortez

John Cortez had been suffering for seven years due to prostatitis before Monish Aron, MD, performed his surgery on July 15, 2011.

“I was in pain everyday and I am extremely happy with the decision I made to have the surgery with Dr. Aron,” said Cortez.

Cortez had an excellent outcome following the surgery and speaks very highly of Dr. Aron and the Keck Hospital of USC.

“Dr. Aron made me feel comfortable. He is very wise, intelligent and thorough,” said Cortez. “I thank him and the excellent staff at the hospital for helping me through this difficult process.”


Rick Kent

“When I met Dr. Aron, he impressed me immediately. He explained the surgery so thoroughly and simply, and while he was realistic in talking about the outcome, he left me completely confident about having the surgery at USC. I had never had any surgery before, and I knew I was in good hands. I attended the Life After Prostate Cancer Seminar and listened to the stories of men who had the surgery. It was a very uplifting and positive atmosphere and kept me very relaxed about having the surgery. The hospital was equally impressive. The room was very comfortable and surprisingly luxurious. My recovery has gone very well. I did not experience any incontinence and sexual function returned in less than one month. I was back to my normal routine very, very quickly.”