Keck Medicine of USC urologists maintain a carefully balanced approach to specialized patient care, with emphasis on not only urologic oncology, but also reconstructive surgery to enhance quality of life. We provide innovation and expertise in the latest robotic and laparoscopic surgical techniques, traditional open surgery, and medical and radiation oncology.

Our experts in male urology, reconstruction and sexual health are leaders in treating urethral and prostatic disease, as well as impotence or erectile dysfunction. We specialize in educating patients and their families about treatment options and providing comprehensive care for each individual patient.

Our urologists treat erectile dysfunction, whether it results from medical disease, injury or prior surgery. Exploring medical options can lead to satisfactory results for many patients, but others may ultimately choose surgery. At Keck Medicine of USC, we have performed more penile prosthesis placements than any other institution in the western United States. We have referrals from throughout the country for patients who have failed treatment at other institutions.

At Keck Medicine of USC, we employ the latest in diagnostics and treatments to help our patients. Our surgeons specialize in urethral reconstruction to address urethral strictures, often with unique repairs developed or refined by our surgeons. We also have extensive experience in urinary tract reconstruction, and patients are offered all forms of urinary diversion. USC was one of the first institutions in the world to offer orthotopic neobladder reconstruction in men and the first to offer such reconstruction in women. Treatment for prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate, is tailored to each patient’s needs and may include anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics or surgery.