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Edmundo Cid

Edmundo Cid was diagnosed with kidney cancer two years ago. What made it more complicated was that, unlike other people, he had only one functioning kidney. He had his cancer removed by open surgery two years ago but recently had a recurrence of cancer in the same kidney. And, this time there were two new tumors in his kidney.

Given the fact that he had prior open surgery for cancer in this same kidney and that he now had, not one, but two, recurrent tumors in the same kidney, Edmundo was told by his local doctor that his kidney would have to be removed. Edmundo would then be placed on dialysis immediately following the procedure. Seeking a second opinion, Edmundo was referred to Dr. Monish Aron at USC.

“Dr. Aron informed me that he would be able to remove the tumors and save my kidney,” said Mr. Cid. “I was confident in his ability and knew right away that I wanted him to perform my surgery.”

Dr. Aron performed a partial nephrectomy and successfully removed the two tumors, saving the kidney and saving Mr. Cid from lifelong dialysis.

“I am so lucky that I found Dr. Aron,” said Mr. Cid. “He and the entire team at USC University Hospital treated me extremely well. I am an ordinary person, but I felt like a VIP.”

Today, Edmundo Cid lives cancer free and because of Dr. Aron’s surgical ability and the care provided at USC, has an outstanding quality of life.

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