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Genitourinary Trauma and Reconstruction

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Keck Medicine of USC genitourinary trauma specialists provide comprehensive care for all blunt and penetrating urogenital injuries that require urgent care. Trauma may result from a variety of causes, including motor vehicle accidents, falls or sports injuries. Of the more than 4,500 total trauma cases per year at LAC+USC Medical Center, a nationally acclaimed level I trauma center, genitourinary tract involvement occurs in up to 10 percent of all traumas. The kidneys are the most commonly involved genitourinary organs, accounting for 1 to 5 percent of all traumatic injuries, followed by the bladder, urethra and testicles.

Injury to the genitourinary tract is not always isolated and the associated injuries might be life-threatening. Our urologists plan interventions with other trauma team members so immediate treatment begins when the patient is stable.

We base our success with non-surgical management of kidney trauma and preservation on improved imaging techniques and minimally invasive imaging tools, accurate identification of the severity of the injury and advances in monitoring vital signs.

The overall goal of Keck Medicine’s genitourinary trauma specialists is to maximize function while minimizing patient distress. For example, since 2004, we have championed immediate endoscopic realignment as first-line treatment when the urethra is injured or completely cut during a pelvic fracture. Potential advantages include an earlier return to voiding and avoiding future surgery.

With ongoing advances in repair of urethra narrowing, Keck Medicine reconstruction experts support open surgery over endoscopic surgery. We possess unique surgical skills that offer innovative grafts and flap techniques to improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and enhance structural repair.

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