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Testis Cancer

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Surgery is a standard treatment of testis cancer, and Keck Medicine of USC urologists have made great strides in surgical procedures that eliminate the cancer while preserving a man’s ability to function normally. Our experts in the field of testis cancer surgery continue to achieve excellent oncologic and functional outcomes with complex procedures. Advanced surgical techniques before or after chemotherapy have been pioneered at USC. With referrals for high risk cancer patients, our surgeons offer much needed hope in intricate cases.

Depending on its stage and symptoms, testis cancer treatment typically involves removal of the affected testicle. Other surgical or radiation therapy techniques also may be used when the cancer has spread outside of the testicle.

Testis cancer is the most common cancer in younger men between the ages of 15 and 34. In 2012, USC investigators found that men with a history of marijuana use were twice as likely to have subtypes of testis cancer that carry a somewhat worse prognosis than other subtypes. The findings suggest that the potential cancer-causing effects of marijuana on testicular cells should be considered in personal decisions regarding recreational or medicinal use of the drug.

USC Institute of Urology continues development of a comprehensive database that captures clinical and tissue samples from testis cancer patients for analysis. The hope is to merge with one of the largest tissue banks for testis tumors, also housed at USC, to better understand optimal treatment, follow-up regimens and clearly outline issues such as fertility and hormonal factors related to long-term survivors of testis cancer.

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